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My name is Christian Speckner. I am currently 31 years old and living in Freiburg in Germany. There, I am working as a theoretical physicist at the University. You can find more information about me in my CV.

More specifically, I am working in the field of particle physics, and even more specifically, I am doing collider phenomenology. My research interests include the phenomenology of higgsless mechanisms for the breaking of electroweak symmetry, extended Higgs sectors (specifically HEIDI-type dilluted Higgses) as well as that of more exotic extensions of the standard model (e.g. noncommutative spacetime). I am also interested in computational methods in high energy physics as well as in more general and formal questions in quantum field theory. I am involved in the development of the WHIZARD / O'mega package and maintain the FeynRules interface to WHIZARD. Of course, I also find many other pieces of physics and mathematics interesting. A list of my publications can be easily obtained via a SPIRES search.

If all this means nothing to you, these links might provide some clues what theoretical particle physics is all about.

When I am not doing physics, I spend my time messing around with computers and linux, cooking, reading novels, listening to music, and, of course, with my friends and with my wife.


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